Leaving the leather seats hydrated gives a special charm and makes all the difference when selling the car. Over time, the seat becomes worn and dirt accumulates on the surface. For more references, check out: best leather conditioner for cars

Leaving the leather seat hydrated gives it a special charm and makes all the difference when selling the car. Over time, the seat become sworn and accumulates dirt on the surface. Often we don't notice and only after we clean we see the difference. Regular maintenance to moisturize the leather is essential. Autoesporte tested five products. Check out our review:


The Tec Clean leather renewing moisturizer, from Tecbril, isthe cheapest of all and even with the low price, the product is efficient. It moisturizes the leather and leaves a refreshing aroma in the car. The cost-benefit is worth it. Because it is more pasty than imported moisturizers,TecClean requires more care in the application, needing to spread it for longer. The problem is in the packaging, the cap loosens easily and if you are not careful you can spill the entire product.

2. Meguiar's Gold Class (OUR CHOICE)

Meguiar's leather moisturizer is the most expensive, but worth the price. The imported product fulfills the function of cleaning and hydrating the bank in an impeccable way. Compared to the other brands,Meguiar's was the one that yielded the most, needing less quantity to spread.Even without the spray format, its output is functional and the application is very practical. The smell is not strong and it was the one that best removed the dirt from the cars and left the leather shining.

3. Mothers

The imported Mothers moisturizer works well, leaving the leather shiny and clean. Because it is very liquid, its biggest advantage is the ease of spreading. The spray nozzle also helps with the application, but care must be taken not to splash the product on other parts of the car. The price is not friendly, but the product is 710 ml and yields a lot. The negative point is the strong flood that leaves in the car.

4. Nivea Body Moisturizer

Many people do this, but using body moisturizer on the car's leather is not recommended. The bench gets luscious and slippery, not achieving the expected effect. When applying the product, he more perfumed the car that hydrated. Nivea's crime is far from the cleaning item and we have not achieved a good result.

5. Cartech

Cartech's product is also a good option. It is neutral,leaves no smell in the car and moisturizes the leather. The bench is not as shiny as imported products, but it removed the dirt. The application is slower because the moisturizer is pasty, so it is necessary to spread it well.

Application tips:

The ArtWax store gave some tips, teaching how to moisturize the leather of the car:

- Before applying, it is important to remove dust from the area that will be hydrated.

- Apply the product on a flannel first and not directly on the bench. In more complicated cases use a brush to help with the application.

- Do not use too much force during the procedure and make circular movements. The moisturizer will be incorporated in the upper part of the seat and not in the foam.

- If the seat is very dirty, leave the car in the sun for awhile. The heat will open the pores of the leather and facilitate cleaning.

- The ideal is to moisturize and clean the leather twice a year.